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About the Office of Policy and Compliance

The Office of Policy and Compliance (OPC) is part of the Department of Policy, Risk and Environmental Programs (PREP) in the Division of University Operations. Our mission is to meet the policy and compliance needs of the University by facilitating policy development, assisting the campus community in finding, understanding, and applying University Policies, and providing compliance tools and guidance. The mission is supported by our Statement of Values and Guiding Principles.

The OPC is responsible for research, drafting, and facilitating the approval process for a wide range of University policy documents. In addition, the OPC helps departments to understand legal and regulatory issues and to develop business practices that foster compliance. The Executive Director of PREP reports to the Vice President for University Operations.

View a slide presentation about our office here.

Getting Around Our Website:

  • Policy Library: Browse policies listed in alphabetical order or by specific category
  • Policy Hierarchy: A chart depicting various levels of policy
  • Policy Development Process: Step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the development of a policy
  • Policies Under Development: A list of policies that are in the drafting and review process and are open for comment
  • Resources: Easy access to resource documents
  • FAQ: Information to assist you with policy and compliance processes
  • Higher Education Compliance Alliance: A resource for finding useful information on compliance in many areas of the law affecting higher education, organized by subject and including links to laws, regulations, policies and reference materials.

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OPC is now a part of PREP!

Effective September 1, 2014, the Office of Policy & Compliance is now a part of PREP--the newly created Department of Policy, Risk & Environmental Programs at CSU. PREP combines several functions that were already very closely aligned--the Department of Risk Management and Insurance, the Department of Environmental Health Services, and OPC. Through this restructuring, we are now strategically positioned to:

  • Visualize safety and business risks from a broader, institutional perspective, and view legal and regulatory compliance as a part of the overall institutional risk profile;
  • Treat policy development as part of the overall risk assessment and resolution process;
  • Develop shared databases and processes for addressing compliance, training, and safety issues.

PREP is headed by:

  • Robert Schur, Exec. Director of PREP and head of the Office of Policy & Compliance;
  • Sally Alexander, Director of Risk Management & Insurance and Chief Risk Officer for the University; and
  • Jim Graham, Director of Environmental Health Services.

Check back--new PREP website coming soon!